Zollmen Fancy Toy Takemi

Zollmen Fancy Toy Takemi
ゾルメン製 ファンシートイ

価格/ 4体セット 35000円(税込)/単品1体につき 10800円(税込)
注文受付/ 5月24日(土) 21:00~ 5月28日(水)12:00 までとなります。






ZOLLMEN ”Fancy Toy Set”(selling as the set or individual figure) Pre Order now!

Pre-ordering starts on 5/24 at 9:00PM ~ 5/28 at 12:00PM (Japan Time Zone)!
Placement of orders will not be honoured before the above time.
The Price for the set of 4 is 35000YEN (including tax), for individual figure it is 10800YEN(including tax) per piece

Please state your name, address, phone number and the zip code.
Shipping & Handling to be determined. EMS only for international.

Shipping will start from mid August thorough September.

Please note;

*The payment is due by 5/30Fri. Your order will be automatically cancelled and we will not notify you, if we don’t receive your payment by the due date.

*Only email orders accepted ( no phone orders)!

*We don’t accept orders from individuals with prior cancelation history.

*We are not responsible for individuals internet settings/incorrect information on the ordering customer side.

Thank you!