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Please read and fully understand our rule below. Shopping in our web store means that you have agreed to all the terms and conditions listed in this page.

How can I order?
To place an order, please follow the methods described below.
  1. Select item(s) you wish to purchase and click "ADD TO CART".
  2. Go to "CART" page and review your selected item(s), the "CART" page button is located on the top right of the website with a shopping bag icon on it.
  3. On the "CART" page, you can cancel the order by click the "X" button on the left of your item image or simply mark your order quantity as zero and and click the "UPDATE CART" button.
  4. On the "CART" page, Click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" button will bring you to the confirmation page.
  5. On the "CHECKOUT DETAILS" page, please carefully review the information you entered then click "PROCEED TO PAYPAL" button.
  6. Now you can Place Order on PayPal.
Can I order multiple quantity of same item?
Yes, you can! But some of the items purchasable quantity per person is limited. You will not able to checkout if your order over the quantity limit.
Can I combine order?
You can! You can see the total shipping cost during checkout.
How do I pay the bill?
We use only Paypal  - World’s most secure way for online payment. You can also pay with your credit card with Paypal and you dont' need a Paypal account and still have full protection.
How is the shipping cost determined?
Shipping costs are calculated automatically based on the total weight and size of the package (includes the weight of the packing material) and handling fee.
Can i know the shipping cost of my order beforehand?
You can preview the total shipping cost during checkout. You can also choose different shipping method to ship your package.
How long does it take to get the items?
It usually takes couple days to a week for your purchased items to send to our warehouse and we ship once or twice per week. And the deliver time is depending which shipping method you choose.
Can I track my package?
All shippment will come with tracking number enables you to know the whereabouts of your items. You can track the package yourself after receiving the shipment notice, we do not take any responsibility for troubles in the delivery process. In case an order is returned to us through no fault on our side, we can resend the order to the customer ONLY IF the customer agrees to pay for the extra shipping charge. Please note that return package may take up to a month or more. If your package is lost in the delivery process, please use our provided tracking number to contact your local post office first to see if they have delivered the package in your absence. Please also confirm with your family in case your family members may have received your package on your behalf.
Cancellations by Toy Underground Store There are some cases in which we must cancel orders or parts of orders. Examples:
  • We get more orders than we can provide
  • The item is not in stock and we cannot procure it
  • The manufacturer cancels the release of the item
Cancellations by the Customer (before payment) You can cancel order before payment
  1. Go to “Cart” page by click the shopping bag button on the top right menu bar.
  2. Set the Quantity to “0” or the correct quanitity
  3. Click the “Update Cart” button
Cancellations by the Customer (after payment) We are unable to accept cancellations regardless of any reason, so please check before ordering.
Return and Refund
We do not accept returns or offer refunds. All sales are final. If u found problem with your item, Please contact us within 3 days after arrival of your order. It would be of great help in understanding exactly what is wrong with the item if some images of the defective parts or wrong items are attached to the email. Please contact us directly regarding questions or issues regarding products, such as missing parts or defects.
About Custom Tax
When you are purchasing products at Toy Underground Store, you do’t need to pay any tax. However, please note that there is a possibility that you may be charged additional tax by the Customs authorities of your country. For more information on custom tax, please contact the customs authority of your country.

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